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Terms and Conditions

The present general conditions are intended to regulate the use and/or hiring of products on (hereinafter referred to as 4UseAgain).

  1. Legal Notice

    The site is owned and managed by 4UseAgain, Lda., a limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register under the single registration and VAT number 516425900, with the address Rua dos Vitórias, nº63, Casal das Figueiras, 2970-281 Sesimbra and with the email address

    4UseAgain is a site designed to mediate the sale of various types of new and used items, between the Partner/Seller (on a consignment basis) and the customer who buys through the site. The 4UseAgain provides, therefore, the possibility of any natural or legal person to sell new or used items. 4UseAgain does not own the items for sale, and the nature of its service is only the intermediation of the sale.

  2. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

    Use of the website implies full acceptance and agreement to all that is set out in these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy in force at all times, available for consultation at

    By accepting the present Terms and Conditions, you declare that (i) you are of legal age and have full capacity to contract and (ii) that you have read and accept the present Terms and Conditions.

    If you do not comply and/or do not accept, partially or fully, any of the conditions stipulated herein, you should refrain from using or shopping at If you access, you will be committing and taking responsibility to respect the conditions determined herein, as well as in the Privacy Policy.

    4UseAgain reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. You are advised to check the Terms and Conditions periodically to be aware of any changes or updates.

    4UseAgain also reserves the right to change, modify and terminate the commercial offers at any time by publishing them on the website.

  3. Users

    Use of the 4UseAgain website attributes the condition of user and implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as described in the previous point.

    Access to the site is free of charge (except for the costs inherent to the internet connection, according to each user’s network access plan).

    As described below, if the User wishes to sell their articles on the site and/or wishes to purchase any of the articles offered for sale, they must register in the area reserved for this purpose and depending on whether they are Partner/Seller or customer, complete the necessary data and/or proceed to send the forms applicable in each case.

  4. Responsibility

    The User is solely responsible for the use of the page. 4UseAgain is not responsible for any damage caused by:

    1. Loss of items, which is outside the responsibility of 4UseAgain, and whose service has been contracted to another entity/company;
    2. Any person, individual or legal entity, who unlawfully attempts to represent or represent themselves on behalf of 4UseAgain;
    3. iii. Cybercrime, viruses, computer attacks, among other situations that may occur caused by third parties and without 4UseAgain’s consent.

    The 4UseAgain undertakes not to perform misleading advertising. To this end it will not be considered misleading advertising numerical or alphabetical errors that may occur in the various menus on the site. As soon as any type of error is detected, 4UseAgain undertakes to correct it as soon as it becomes aware of it.

    The User is the sole and exclusive responsible for the use and consultation of the page. If it is found that illegal activities are being carried out or that these Terms and Conditions are being violated, 4UseAgain reserves the right to deny the User access to the site or any of its areas, without the User’s consent.

    The user will be responsible for the payment of legal and tax obligations arising from the purchase and/or sale of items through the website

  5. Intellectual Property

    The is an online store, being the service provided by 4UseAgain.

    The content, domain, source code, design, navigation structures and the different elements contained therein, as well as the information present and available on are the property of 4UseAgain or have been granted to it and are therefore protected by copyright and related rights. Any use, reproduction, copy or dissemination of visual, audiovisual or written content is subject to prior approval by 4UseAgain, therefore, the total or partial reproduction of the site’s content without the express consent of 4UseAgain is prohibited. The use, reproduction, copy or dissemination of such content by third parties without the express consent of 4UseAgain will give rise to liability under the terms established by law.

    The User undertakes to fully respect the conditions and rights referred to, as well as to refrain from acts that may go against the law and rights, such as copyright, related rights, among other legislation applicable to the use of images, videos, content, etc., without express approval from 4UseAgain. 4UseAgain cannot be held responsible for the possible misuse of such items.

  6. Article information and prices

    4UseAgain informs the User about the features, descriptions, images or videos of each product and/or service on each page made available. 4UseAgain undertakes to make its articles and/or services available in a clear manner and to correct possible errors that may occur, as soon as possible.

    4UseAgain clearly presents the prices of each product and/or service, including VAT rates, shipping costs applied to each order and other additional costs that may be applicable.

    Information about articles, prices, content, images, videos, promotional campaigns and services may be updated and changed by 4UseAgain at any time.

  7. Conditions of purchase at 4UseAgain

    To make your purchase the customer must, after accessing the site, select the desired items, register in the area reserved for this purpose by filling out the necessary forms and, without prejudice to the acceptance referred to in Point I of this document, accept these terms and conditions (if this is the first time you are shopping at 4UseAgain).

    The User must ensure the correct insertion of all data provided, with special attention to the contact details and shipping address of the order, not being responsible for 4UseAgain incorrect and / or insufficient insertion of data performed by the User and that prevent the completion of the purchase.

    4UseAgain is, as mentioned above, the intermediary in the buying and selling of the items presented on the site, not being the owner of them, which are sold on a consignment basis, providing the services of sorting, advertising and shipping of items.

    1. Availability of articles

      All items available at can be purchased, except in cases of breakage or limited stock, by order. Items may become unavailable without prior notice, but, in these circumstances, they will be duly identified on 4UseAgain.

      The order should be placed as follows:

      1. Select the desired article(s);
      2. Add the desired item(s) to the shopping cart;
      3. Click on the cart and select the “checkout” option;
      4. Fill in the fields indicated;
      5. Select the desired payment method;
      6. Make the payment.

      The User is solely responsible for the order placed, and must therefore ensure, at the time of completing the order and before proceeding to payment, that the items ordered are in accordance with what was intended.

      In the event that the item ordered is no longer available after the purchase has been completed, 4UseAgain undertakes to contact the User, by phone or email, as soon as possible in order to expedite the process with the same.

      For the purposes of the provisions of the previous paragraph, the purchase is considered to be completed when 4UseAgain receives the telematics information that payment has been received.

      4UseAgain reserves the right not to accept orders that are not guaranteed of solvency, that are incomplete, that refer to products not available from the site or whose user does not comply with the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions.

      If the User does not fill in enough information to be able to send the order, 4UseAgain may refuse to send the order.

      4UseAgain is not responsible for the loss and/or non-delivery of orders resulting from insufficient and/or incorrect data filled in by the User and/or by facts attributable to third parties.

      After ordering the items, the user must proceed to their payment, through one of the available payment methods. After the payment is completed, 4UseAgain will proceed to a standard check, so that it is possible to process and send the order. The customer will receive an email with the confirmation that the order is paid, as well as the corresponding invoice.

    2. Payment methods

      4UseAgain offers the following payment methods:

      1. Credit Card;
      2. ATM;
      3. MB WAY.

      To make the payment, and according to the selected method, the User will be redirected to a page containing the information for that purpose (in the case of Multibanco, MB WAY) or to the Virtual POS of the bank entity (in the case of Credit Card).

      At no time will the User’s bank details be stored or managed by 4UseAgain, so the same is not responsible for the use that the banking entity makes with the data.

    3. Fees and taxes

      The prices shown on are expressed in euros (€), with the appropriate VAT rates and taxes applied in accordance with the law in force at each moment, which are already included in the price shown.

      In addition to the price, the user will have to settle the amounts due for shipping the order, according to the following point.

    4. Values applied for Shipping

      The amounts applied for the shipment of orders, at the expense of the User, will be as follows:

      Destination Region Value
      Mainland Portugal: 3,99 €
      Azores and Madeira: 7,46 €
      Continental Spain: 5,55 €
      Spanish islands: 16,96 €
      Europe: 10,00 €
      Rest of world without USA: 16,00 €
      USA 18,50 €
    5. Order cancellation

      The user may cancel an order placed while it is being processed. To this end, you are requested to inform 4UseAgain of your wish via the following e-mail contact:

      If the cancellation request was made after the order has been shipped, the order will be forwarded for delivery and the User may choose to refuse to accept it. 4UseAgain is not responsible for possible delays in handling the cancellation of orders.

      Please note that if the order is cancelled after the shipment, the shipping costs will not be refunded or, if the shipping costs have been offered by 4UseAgain, the shipping costs will be charged.

      4UseAgain reserves the right not to process orders or refunds in cases of data inconsistency, fraud or customer misconduct, as well as for technical issues unrelated to 4UseAgain.

    6. Return policy

      The user may exercise his right of free resolution in accordance with the current legislation on consumer protection. If for any reason the buyer is not fully satisfied with his purchase, he may exercise the right of free resolution regarding the purchased items (of all the items included in the order or some of them) within a period of 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of receipt of the order.

      To do so, you must request a return within the period referred to in the previous paragraph by filling out the Return Form. In the Return Form, the User must describe the information regarding all the articles he intends to return. After filling in the form, it must be sent together with the articles to be returned to 4UseAgain’s address, Rua dos Vitórias, nº 63, Casal das Figueiras, 2970-281 Sesimbra. After receiving them, 4UseAgain will send an email confirming receipt to the user.

      The items to be returned must be as described in the Return Form and must be in the same condition and state of repair as when they were sold.

      When exercising its right of free resolution within the legal deadline and in accordance with the returns policy and legislation in force, in addition to returning the item(s), the User must return any gifts accompanying the main product.

      4UseAgain will refund the amount paid within 14 days after receiving the order. Please note that shipping costs will not be refunded.

      The refund will be made through the same payment method used by the User in the initial payment, except in situations of express and written agreement and where the User does not incur any costs as a consequence of the refund.

      The costs inherent in the return are the responsibility of the User.

      4UseAgain is not responsible for any loss of return. The return of the purchase price will only be refunded to the buyer after checking the condition of the items.

  8. Conditions of Sale at 4UseAgain

    4UseAgain, besides giving the possibility to buy several types of articles (clothes, accessories, decoration objects, etc.), on its site, also allows to be an intermediary between Partner/Seller and the site, giving the possibility to sell their products, under agreed terms, and on consignment.

    To this end, 4UseAgain is responsible for receiving the items, registration, processing, photos or videos, storage, marketing, campaigns and promotions on the website and social networks, marketing and shipping. 4UseAgain will charge the Partner/Seller a commission for the sale of the items, according to the rates shown below.

    Item Value Value delivered to Partner/Seller *
    Up to 30€ 50%
    30,01€ – 40€ 60%
    40,01€ – 70€ 70%
    More than 70€ 75%

    * Deducted from VAT at the standard rate, on the 4UA commission.

    The owner of the articles, called Partner/Seller, may be a natural or legal person who wishes to sell his articles through the site, provided that he is the owner of them, and that they are in a completely new state or, when used, in good condition.

    1. Selling Method

      If you wish to become a Partner/Seller of 4UseAgain, you must submit the Seller Form and wait for 4UseAgain to contact you. In the Seller Form, the Partner/Seller must fill in the personal data related to him/her as well as the description of the items he/she wants to sell on the site, according to the information requested in the Seller Form.

      4UseAgain undertakes to comply with the data protection law and not to disclose to third parties any and all personal data provided by the Partner/Seller.

      After receiving the Seller Form, 4UseAgain will evaluate the need/conditions of the items and will contact the Partner/Seller in order to inform him about the interest in receiving them. In case of agreement between both parties and acceptance by the Partner/Seller of the sales conditions indicated by 4UseAgain, the shipping/collection of the items will be arranged.

      Upon collection and or shipment of the items, the Partner/Seller must complete and sign a Collection Form, which must accompany the items. Neither the Collection Form, nor the data entered at the time of its creation, will serve at any time as proof of the items that have been inserted in the package and/or shipped to 4UseAgain.

      After receiving the items 4UseAgain, will inform via email the Partner/Seller, sending the Seller Form with the validation/adjustment of the values presented for sale. If the conditions are accepted, the Partner/Seller must sign and return the document via email to

      After the return of the Seller Form, if the Partner/Seller gives up the sale of an article, it will have to bear the value of the valuation, photography, editing, classification and advertising work, in the amount of € 3.00 (three euros) for each article to be returned, as well as to bear the respective shipping costs.

      After sending the valuation to the Partner/Seller, the latter has a period of 5 (five) days to inform 4UseAgain of the acceptance of the sale prices and the destination that he intends to give to the items identified as unsaleable, and 4UseAgain gives the Partner/Seller the possibility of donating them to a partner charity institution, in a procedure to be handled by 4UseAgain free of charge.

      After such period without an explicit expression of interest, by email, by the Partner/Seller, 4UseAgain reserves the right to put on sale on the site the sellable parts, at the price announced to the Partner/Seller after valuation and, as for the unsellable parts, provided that the Partner/Seller has marked in the Seller Form the express authorization to that effect, to proceed to the donation of such parts. In the event that the Partner/Seller, in the Seller Form has not selected the donation option, the Partner/Seller must collect the items at the address indicated by 4UseAgain within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days. After the expiration of this period without collection of the items by the Partner/Seller, 4UseAgain reserves the right to destroy or donate them.

      The Partner/Seller is solely responsible for the conditions of the article, committing not to send for sale articles that do not comply with the legal rules necessary for its sale, namely, that violate and/or are in a position to violate the rights of third parties, regardless of their nature, reserving 4UseAgain the right not to accept articles about which there are doubts about their provenance and/or lawfulness. 4UseAgain shall have a right of recourse against the Partner/Seller for any amounts it may have to pay, for any reason whatsoever, on account of any judicial or extrajudicial proceedings and/or litigation to which it may be a party in relation to the items in breach of these Conditions.

    2. Partner/Seller Payment and Commissions

      The Partner/Seller is fully aware that the items are sold on a consignment basis and will only be entitled to the value of their sale after their effective sale and after 4UseAgain commission has been deducted.

      4UseAgain applies the following value to the commissions it practices (to the values presented add the respective value of VAT at the rate in force):

      Item Value Value delivered to Partner/Seller *
      Up to 30€ 50%
      30,01€ – 40€ 60%
      40,01€ – 70€ 70%
      More than 70€ 75%

      * Deducted from VAT at the standard rate, on the 4UA commission.

      4UseAgain undertakes to offer all saleable items for sale unless, at any time after valuation, particularly at the time of photography, it detects a defect that was not detected at the time of valuation.

      After the sale, 4UseAgain undertakes to transfer to the Partner/Seller, at the end of the month immediately following the sale and whenever the legal deadline for free resolution by the Buyer has passed, the amount corresponding to the sale value of the item, less 4UseAgain commissions plus VAT at the legal rate in force.

      In the event of the return of an item, which entails the return of the amount paid to the Buyer, after the payment made to the Partner/Seller, the latter undertakes to proceed to the return of the sales value received within a maximum period of 10 days from the date of notification of 4UseAgain to this effect.

      4UseAgain reserves the right to:

      1. Interrupt temporarily the service of accepting articles for sale on consignment, whenever it considers necessary;
      2. Adjust the selling prices to facilitate the sale of the product, after 3 (three) months of advertising them on the website;
      3. In accordance with the selling criteria previously published on the platform, to screen and sort the items sent by the Partner/Seller and will only put on sale those items that are in good condition;
      4. of not specifying the reason why a particular item was not accepted for sale.
    3. Free Resolution

      The Partner/Seller has the right of free termination within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of conclusion of the contract. The date of conclusion of the contract is deemed to be the date of receipt by 4UseAgain of the Seller Form duly signed by 4useAgain and the Partner/Seller.

      In the Seller Form, the Partner/Seller shall indicate whether it wants the provision of the services by 4UseAgain to commence during the above stated period of 14 days.

      If the Partner/Seller makes use of the right of free termination, after having submitted the request foreseen in the previous number, it must be paid to 4UseAgain the amount of € 3.00 (three euros) for each article sent to 4UseAgain.

      If the Partner/Seller wishes to exercise its right of free termination, it may do so by emailing or by completing the contact form available on the website.

      In case of exercise of the right of free withdrawal by the Partner/Seller, the shipping costs of the items are its responsibility.

  9. Complaints

    The User or the Partner/Seller may submit a complaint regarding any question, act, information or service provided concerning 4UseAgain through the email contact or through the electronic Complaints Book available through the link:

  10. Notice of liability

    By creating and using the account on the User is responsible for account maintenance, confidentiality and for all activity arising from his account.

    By creating the user account and placing orders, the Customer expressly and unequivocally accepts the Terms and Conditions in their most current version.

    The 4UseAgain is not responsible for any information disclosed by third parties, technical failures or any other problems that prevent access and proper functioning of the online store.

    4UseAgain is not responsible for possible damages, directly or indirectly related to the use, or inability to use, the items and/or services made available, as well as for any delay or unforeseen delay in the delivery of orders.

  11. Deadlines

    The terms mentioned on the website are indicative only and may be subject to variation within reasonable time margins depending on 4usegain logistics. Possible non-substantial changes or delays in the stated terms will not be considered for the purpose of breach of contract.

  12. Additional information

    4UseAgain reserves the right to suspend access to the site, without prior notice, on a discretionary and temporary basis, for technical reasons or any other reason, and may also unilaterally modify the conditions of access, such as all or part of the content included therein.

    4UseAgain may interrupt or cancel the website or any of the services offered to users at any time and without prior notice. In any case, 4UseAgain may interrupt the service for any user who makes unethical, offensive, illegal or incorrect use of the content or services of 4UseAgain and/or contrary to the interests of the company.

    In the event of closure of the entire activity, 4UseAgain will give the Partners/Sellers the option of whether they wish to return all items, thus assuming the transport costs associated with the shipment of clothing and/or objects, or whether, on the other hand, they wish to donate the items. In this case, if within 10 days of sending the email any Partner / Seller does not comment, it is assumed tacitly.

  13. Processing of personal data

    Check the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

  14. Applicable law – Jurisdiction

    These Terms and Conditions are subject to Portuguese Law and legislation in force.