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Give Your Clothes a Second Life.

Don’t let your clothes end up in the trash.

Send them to 4UseAgain and we’ll sort them, take photos and then sell them online.

Start selling

Our mission is to make reselling your clothes as easy as throwing them away. Read the information and follow the steps. Read the information and follow the steps.

Welcome to 4UseAgain

4useagain receives various types of items, such as clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, decorative objects, entertainment and culture. To put your items for sale on 4useagain you must fill in the Seller Form, and submit it. After receiving the form, we will assess the need for the products and agree on how to receive them.

The items will be displayed in our online shop for a period of 6 months. If the items are not sold by 4usegain, within the stipulated period, the supplier may choose to take back their products, or donate them to a charity.

The Partner/Seller may also choose to donate the sales proceeds to a 4UseAgain partner charity. After the delivery of the donation or donated article, proof of it will always be made by sending the respective receipt issued by the institution.

The sale will always be made on a consignment basis and at the price agreed between the Partner/Seller and 4UseAgain. It will also be agreed with the Partner/Seller the possibility of discount promotions to the product.

Conditions for selling on 4usegain:

  1. The clothes must be washed beforehand and be in good condition (without any kind of stains);
  2. The footwear should be clean and in good condition and free of odors;
  3. Fashion accessories must be in good condition;
  4. Other items (decorative objects, books, etc.) should also be in good condition.

Receiving articles

After receiving the items, 4Useagain will evaluate and validate them against the value assigned by the partner. If 4useagain considers that the items are not in good condition, they will be returned to the partner and the return postage will be charged to the partner.

Price to be assigned articles

The sale price of an article may vary from piece to piece. The value to be attributed will depend on the state of conservation of the item, the brand, the season to which it corresponds, if it is a fashion piece or a vintagepiece, if it has a tag, if it has usage marks, if there are other similar products for sale on the site, etc.

Price Adjustment

If the articles are not sold within the period agreed between the Partner and 4useagain, 4useagain may apply a discount to the initial price, with the agreement of the Partner.


4useagain will charge a commission on the sale value of the item. The commission to be applied will depend on the value of the article, according to the table below:


* Deducted from VAT at the standard rate, on the 4UA commission.

4useagain, will be responsible for all the marketing of the products, from photos or videos, campaigns and promotions on the website and social networks.