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If you wish to purchase one or more items on our site, add them to the shopping cart and at the end proceed to checkout. To do this, you must register on the 4UseAgain site or login if you already have an account on the site. When you complete the purchase you will receive an email reply with the validation of the purchase.

After receiving the items, 4UseAgain assesses their condition. To this end, it classifies them as follows:

  1. New with label – A brand new item, without any sign of use and containing its original label;
  2. New – New item, but unlabeled, with little or no use and without any use marks;
  3. Semi-new – Article that is practically new (few uses) and may eventually present imperceptible signs of use;
  4. Used: Article that may show some signs of use, but is in good condition for further use;
  5. With signs of use: Item in good condition, but may contain one or more obvious signs of use.

Payment can be made by Credit Card, MB WAY and ATM Reference.

If the value of the purchase is over 39€, the shipping costs are free for mainland Portugal. If the value of the order is equal or less, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

After the payment of the articles, they enter the packaging process, so it is estimated that the customer receives them within 3 to 7 working days.

When the purchased item is not to your liking, you have 14 days after receiving the order to return it. For this purpose, the item must be sent properly packaged and in its original state to 4UseAgain’s address: Rua dos Vitórias, nº 63, Casal das Figueiras, 2970-281 Sesimbra. The return form should be enclosed with the article.

Upon receipt of the returned item(s), 4UseAgain will confirm the conservation status of the same and, if valid, will return the purchase price to the client, through the same method by which the payment was made. The amount to be returned does not include shipping costs.


If you want to sell your items through 4UseAgain, fill out the Seller Form, with as much information as possible, and submit it. After reviewing the form, 4UseAgain will contact the partner/seller within 14 days, via email/telephone, in order to inform you about the possible interest and how to send/collect the products.

After receiving the items, 4UseAgain assesses their condition and, if they are in good condition, puts them up for sale on the website on a consignment basis for the amount validated by 4UseAgain. To this end, 4UseAgain is responsible for receiving the items, registration, processing, photographs or videos, storage, marketing, campaigns and promotions on the website and social networks, marketing and shipping them, and sends you, after the sale, the amount corresponding to the agreed percentage after deducting VAT at the standard rate on 4UseAgain’s commission.

The 4UseAgain sells various types of items, whether clothing, footwear and accessories or decorative objects and various utilities. To this end, they must be presented in a good state of conservation and hygiene.

Considering the logistics inherent to the commercialization process, it is convenient that the partner/seller has a reasonable number of items to put on sale (minimum 5), however, this situation can be altered depending on the type of item and its value.

We recommend that you only send items that are in good condition. Review your items from the buyer’s perspective, and whether you would buy them based on their condition.

Upon receipt of the goods and after assessment by the 4UA, if the goods are found not to be in good condition, they shall be returned upon prior payment (via bank transfer) of the shipping costs by the partner/seller).

If the seller does not want their items back they will be donated to a 4UseAgain partner charity.

In the situation where the seller does not respond within 30 days of receiving communication from 4UseAgain, the items will be donated.

After receiving the items, 4UseAgain evaluates them and compares them to the sale value assigned by the Partner/Seller. If the value assigned by the Partner/Seller corresponds to the value usually marketed by 4UseAgain, the article is put on sale, within a period to be defined by 4UseAgain and in accordance with the season and existing stock. When the value attributed by the Partner/Seller does not correspond to the value attributed by 4UseAgain, 4UseAgain will contact the Partner/Seller in order to inform them about the situation and try to reach a suitable value for both. If no such agreement is reached, the item will be returned to the Partner/Seller, who will pay the return postage costs.

4UseAgain in order to define an equitable and fair way between the Partner/Seller, who gives his article, and who is responsible for receiving the articles, registration, processing, photos or videos, storage, marketing, campaigns and promotions on the website and social networks, marketing and shipping, will charge the Partner/Seller a commission for the sale of the articles, according to the rates indicated below, having defined the following commissions:

Item Value

Value delivered to Partner/Seller *

Up to 30€


30,01€ – 40€


40,01€ – 70€


More than 70€


* Deducted from VAT at the standard rate, on 4UseAgain commission

The amount corresponding to the commission to be received by the Partner/Seller, will be paid on average within one month after the sale of their items and by bank transfer to IBAN indicated in the Seller Form. It will not be possible to make the payment earlier, since by legal imperatives there is a need to elapse a period of 14 days to make possible returns of articles by the customer.

It may also be an option of the Partner/Seller to donate the sale value to a charity institution partner of 4UseAgain, being that, for this purpose, will always be informed about the value to donate and which institution will be the beneficiary of that donation.

4UseAgain reserves the right to set the time an item is available on the site. After deciding to withdraw the product from sale, 4UseAgain will ask the Partner/Seller what he wants to do with the item:

  1. Receive it back by pre-paying the postage;
  2. Donate to a 4UseAgain partner charity.

The information contained herein does not exempt the reading of the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy